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The best sponsorship support tools for creators

creator sponsorship - iDataRiver

Zero threshold

Register an account and auto become a creator, and publish sponsored projects without any threshold.

Quick experience

It only takes less than a minute from registration to publish!

No review

Creators can publish sponsored projects at any time without review.

Exclusive link

Customizable exclusive sponsorship links and QR codes.


Auto translate published content into multiple languages around the world

online sponsorship project
sponsorship amount
For users

Flexible amount

Creators can preset the amount of sponsorship, and users can also customize the amount of sponsorship.

sponsorship withdraw
For users

Auto withdrawal

Creators can set the auto withdrawal amount, which will be completed within 1 working day. It supports ERC20、 BNB and TRC20 networks withdrawals of USDT.

custom payment methods for sponsorship
For users & merchants

Custom payment

Creators can customize payment methods and accept payments directly, bypassing the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to withdraw?

Creators can withdraw at any time, and it will be settled within 1 working day at most.

How to configure custom payment collection for creators?

Please refer to the documentation for detailed configuration. 👉 [link]

What happens after the merchant’s direct payment quota is exhausted?

After the quota is used up, users can only pay through the platform’s payment methods.