Safe and flexible
Digital Goods

There is no threshold for merchants to settle in, one-stop service.

publish digital goods

Full process hosting

Platform tools cover the entire digital goods trading cycle.

Quick Start

Register to become a merchant and publish goods in less than a minute.


Supports three coupon types: discount coupons, price reduction coupons, and fixed-price coupons.

Flexible pricing

Supports fixed price and tiered price.

Auto delivery

Two delivery methods are supported: after-sales deletion and re-sale. Automatically manage inventory.

digital goods project
telegram bot for trading
For users & merchants

telegram Bot

We provides free telegram trading bot and also supports paid versions to customize bot.

withdraw for digital goods
For merchants

Auto withdrawal

Merchants can set the auto withdrawal amount, which will be completed within 1 working day. It supports ERC20、 BNB and TRC20 networks withdrawals of USDT.

custom payment methods for digital goods
For merchants

Custom payment

Merchants can customize payment methods and accept payments directly, bypassing the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do merchants settle in?

Register to become a merchant.

What digital goods can be published?

We do not limit the category of digital goods. For example: invitation code/registration code/credits recharge card, software/registration code, member VIP and any Coupons.

What payment methods does the platform support?

The platform own payment methods include: cryptocurrency (USDT, BNB, etc.), HiiCash vouchers, and supports Alipay/WeChat payment for small orders.

The difference between telegram bot?

The free version of the bot is officially provided and shared by all merchants. Custom bot are completely independent from official bot and can set their own avatar, introduction and help information.

How can merchants contact the platform?

Please contact ours customer service or join the telegram merchant group. 👉 [link]

Is the platform stable?

Ours platform is highly customizable, has rich business types, and has long-term stability.

How to configure custom payment collection for merchants?

Please refer to the documentation for detailed configuration. 👉 [link]

What happens after the merchant’s direct payment quota is exhausted?

After the quota is used up, users can only pay through the platform’s payment methods.