Ready out of the box

All APIs are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no preset package restrictions and zero-threshold usage.

idatariver api hub

Easy to use

Provide clear and transparent documentation, pricing plans and API status monitoring for users and merchants.

Simple getting started experience

All info on the API project page is clear at a glance, eliminating tedious communication.

Flexible billing

Merchants can set fixed unit prices, tiered unit prices, and coupons.

Status monitoring

Support monitoring API status in the past 3 days to help users and merchants check stability.


Auto translate API content into multiple languages around the world

api project page
For users

API call permissions

APIkey status can be flexibly created/changed for permission management.

api response format
For users

API response format

All APIs return the same format, and the number of credits spent is clearly visible. 👉 [link]

api billing
For users & merchants

Billing Statistics

User consumption and merchant income will be counted in real time based on API call volume, which is clear at a glance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact API service provider?

You can get the contact information provided on the project homepage, or contact the platform customer service.

Will charges be deducted if the call fails?

In some cases, credits will be deducted if the request fails. For example, the requested resource does not exist, and the deduction amount is returned through the credits field in response. Please ensure not to retry the request during deduction.

Can the account credits be cashed out

Credits are used to purchase related functions of this platform and are consumption items. They cannot be withdrawn and the recharge ratio is 1 US dollar corresponding to 1 credit. We strongly recommend recharging based on usage. It is recommended to purchase a small amount for testing first, and then use it with confidence after making sure it meets your needs.

Merchant settlement cost

The platform only charges a 3% transaction fee.